5 Low-Histamine Hot Drinks You Can Make at Home

low histamine hot drinks

When you have histamine intolerance and enjoy hot beverages, you might wonder whether there are low-histamine hot drinks you can enjoy without triggering histamine intolerance symptoms. Coffee, tea, and hot chocolate are popular picks with the general population, but they can wreak havoc on your body if you’re unable to properly break down histamine. Luckily, … Read more

Are Sweet Potatoes Low Histamine?

are sweet potatoes low histamine

Are sweet potatoes low histamine? Sweet potatoes are a more nutrient-dense version of the standard white potato. If you’re wondering whether sweet potatoes are low histamine, the answer is yes. Sweet potatoes don’t contain significant quantities of histamine or other biogenic amines. Let’s take a closer look at whether sweet potatoes are a healthy addition … Read more

Are Raisins High Histamine?

are raisins high histamine

Are raisins high histamine? Raisins are not a significant source of histamine naturally. However, there are some things you should know about raisins before eating them. If you have histamine intolerance, the more knowledge you have about the histamine content of the foods you eat, the better. Histamine is a type of biogenic amine, but … Read more

Can You Eat Tomato Sauce on a Low-Histamine Diet?

can you eat tomato sauce on a low-histamine diet

Can you eat tomato sauce on a low-histamine diet? When you have histamine tolerance, you must be hyperaware of the foods you eat and whether they contain histamine or are histamine liberators. Foods that might be healthy for someone without histamine intolerance can create major issues for those who have problems breaking histamine down.  If … Read more

3 Types of Tasty Low-Histamine Vegetables to Brighten Up Your Plate

low histamine vegetables

Choosing what to eat with histamine intolerance is challenging. Even though vegetables are healthy for most people, not all veggies pass the histamine test. Some that are healthy for the average person can trigger symptoms if you have histamine intolerance. Fortunately, there are low-histamine vegetables you can eat, and some you should avoid. Let’s look … Read more

Can Histamine Intolerance Cause Brain Fog?

Can Histamine Intolerance Cause Brain Fog?

Can a brain really be foggy? Brain fog is a common term for feeling mentally “foggy” or “cloudy.” It’s also referred to as “mental cloudiness,” “fibro fog” or “brain fuzz” and is a source of frustration for people who suffer from it. Can histamine intolerance cause brain fog? Brain fog is that sensation where your … Read more

Are There Low-Histamine Dairy Foods?

is dairy low in histamine

Is dairy high in histamine?Are there low-histamine dairy foods? Milk and other dairy foods are tricky, whether you have histamine intolerance or not. Many adults suffer from lactose intolerance and can’t digest lactose, one of the sugars in milk. When people with lactose intolerance consume dairy, they can’t break down lactose, but gut bacteria can, … Read more

Low FODMAP Diet for Histamine Intolerance?

Low-FODMAP Diet for Histamine Intolerance

What role does a low FODMAP diet play in histamine intolerance? If you have histamine intolerance, also known as histamine sensitivity, the goal is to reduce the amount of histamine in your body. In turn, that helps reduce your symptoms. With histamine sensitivity or intolerance, your body is sensitive to foods that contain histamine and … Read more