Is Carob High in Histamine?

Carob powder is low in histamine

Is carob high in histamine? In the realm of delightful indulgences, chocolate reigns supreme. But lurking in the shadows, often overlooked, is its Mediterranean cousin, carob. But when you have histamine intolerance, what you eat and don’t eat matters. Making smart dietary choices lowers your body’s histamine burden, so you have fewer symptoms. So, choosing … Read more

10 Science-Backed Ways to Lower Histamine Naturally

ways to naturally lower histamine

Are you looking for ways to lower histamine naturally? If you’re grappling with the annoyance of elevated histamine levels, rest assured, you’re in good company. High-histamine symptoms such as hives, pounding headaches, and never-ending runny noses can be utterly exasperating! But fret not, because we’re about to embark on a journey and reveal ways to … Read more

Are Potatoes High in Histamine?

Potatoes and histamine

Are potatoes high in histamine? In this article, we’ll delve into the intricate relationship between histamine intolerance and potatoes, separating fact from fiction. By the end, you’ll have clarity on whether potatoes can be a part of your diet and how to navigate them wisely. We’ll also explore the histamine content of potatoes and potato … Read more

Is Pesto Low Histamine?

is pesto low histamine

Is pesto low histamine? Let’s delve into the world of pesto and find out whether it contains histamines and whether it’s likely to worsen histamine intolerance symptoms. When you have histamine intolerance, the goal is to avoid foods that are high in histamine and those that cause your own immune cells, called mast cells, to … Read more

Is Cod Low Histamine?

is cod low histamine

Is cod low histamine? As a physician who has worked with clients with histamine intolerance, diet is a critical aspect of histamine intolerance mangaement. Dietary management is the most reliable way to manage the symptoms of histamine intolerance. Histamine is a compound naturally present in our bodies and is also in some of the foods … Read more

Is Pineapple Low Histamine?

is pineapple low histamine

The luscious, tropical taste of pineapple – who doesn’t love it? If you have histamine intolerance, you know how important it is to watch what you eat. Eating too many foods that increase your body’s histamine burden can trigger histamine intolerance symptoms ranging from stuffy nose and headache to digestive issues. Is pineapple low histamine? … Read more

5 High-Histamine Meats to Avoid with Histamine Intolerance

high histamine meats

Are there high-histamine meats you should avoid if you have histamine intolerance? Life is more challenging when certain foods are like silent troublemakers, triggering histamine intolerance and causing a parade of unwelcome symptoms. These foods, aptly known as high histamine foods, can turn your mealtime excitement into a cautious food-selection process. Understanding them is like … Read more

Is Olive Oil High Histamine?

Is Olive Oil High Histamine?

Olive oil is one of the most versatile ingredients in the kitchen. It’s delicious on salads and for dipping bread. It’s also popular for sauteing vegetables or making a roux for soups and stews. If you choose genuine extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), the oil is also tasty and appealing to the palate. Higher quality … Read more

Fish Oil and Histamine Intolerance

fish oil for histamine intolerance

If you have histamine intolerance, you might struggle with knowing what foods you can eat and what supplements you can take. How about fish oil and histamine intolerance? Histamine intolerance is a relatively unknown and underdiagnosed condition. Many people diagnosed with this condition, sometimes called histamine sensitivity, simply learn to avoid the foods that cause … Read more