Is Histamine Intolerance Hereditary?

is histamine intolerance hereditary

Is histamine intolerance hereditary? If you’ve been diagnosed with histamine intolerance, you might struggle to understand why. One question people ask is whether histamine intolerance is hereditary and whether it runs in families.  It’s a fair question to ask. Genes are the blueprint for our existence. They orchestrate every facet of our identity, from physical … Read more

Low Histamine Diet Side Effects: What to Expect

low histamine diet side effects

If you have histamine intolerance, the prescription is to follow a low-histamine diet. By reducing your body’s histamine level, and not introducing outside sources of histamine, you can tame and even eliminate the symptoms of histamine intolerance. However, a low-histamine diet isn’t a cure for histamine intolerance. It helps control the symptoms. But you must … Read more

What Causes Histamine Intolerance?

what causes histamine intolerance

What causes histamine intolerance? Do you suspect you’re sensitive to histamine, or have you been diagnosed with this misunderstood condition? It’s frustrating when you can’t get answers! Having seen many patients suffering from allergy-like symptoms who benefit from a low-histamine diet and lifestyle, this condition deserves more attention. The goal of this blog is to … Read more